The Pentagon provided 17.5 million Internet addresses to the suspect

The Pentagon provided 17.5 million Internet addresses to the suspect


4% of the world’s total Internet address, costing about 30 thousand crore.

The world witnessed many dramatic and surprising events during the defeat of former US President Donald Trump and his resignation. There were also some that became the biggest mystery in the history of the internet.

In fact, just as Biden was taking the oath of office and Trump was stepping down as president, the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, transferred 175 million Internet addresses to the mysterious company. This is 4% of the world’s total Internet address. It is worth about Rs 30,000 crore. The company that was given this data is named Global Resource Systems LLC in the documents. The company was first registered in October 2020, according to Florida State records. According to a media report, no representative was found at the address given by the disguised company in California.

Not only that, there is no business license at that address. The company has not responded to any phone calls or mails from the media nor does it have a webpage. Evidence has been found from the Florida Registry about Raymond Saulino, the only person involved with the company. His name is listed in the Nevada Corporate Records in 2018 as a Managing Member of the Forensic Cyberspace-Internet Surveillance Equipment Company. However, he could not be reached. Despite repeated phone calls, an automated reply was received from the other side.

So much space for a company that came into existence in October 2020

The company now has more space under its control than the biggest internet providers like Comcast and AT&T. A Defense Department spokesman said the campaign was a pilot project to assess the use of IP addresses. The spokesperson could not answer why the company which came into existence in September 2020 was chosen to manage such a large space.

The space transferred to the Pentagon doubled its use

This is the biggest and most mysterious event in Internet history, says Doug Medori, director of network management company Kentucky. The amount of space transferred to the Pentagon is twice as much as it used to be. This information was given by a company on the global route of the Internet on the day of Biden’s swearing in on January 20. A unit called AS8003 announced that the unused IPv4 Internet space owned by the Department of Defense now belongs to it.

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