Indian Farmer Grows ‘Soil-less’ Strawberries In 3,000 Sq Ft, Profits Rise By 70%

Indian Farmer Grows ‘Soil-less’ Strawberries In 3,000 Sq Ft, Profits Rise By 70%

While urban dwellers can grow organic food at home with limited water and no soil, a farmer even in a drought-prone area can profit from the hydroponic system.

took a new turn for Ratlam-based farmer, Arvind Dhakad, in 2015 after a visit to Israel through a private agro-tour comprising farmers. He was stunned to see native farmers growing traditional crops without soil, through a technique called hydroponics.

On interactions with farmers, he learned about its benefits, including less space, water, maintenance and high returns.

The 38-year-old, in a way, felt guilty about growing chemical-infused food back home that gave mediocre returns. Today, five years later, Dhakad has replicated the model on his farm to grow strawberries. He set up the hydroponic model that is now giving him a high yield, almost 50 per cent faster growth, and his profits have increased up to 70 %.

What is Hydroponic Farming & Why Dhakad Promotes It

“The minimum space one needs is 2×3 square feet. If you do vertical hydroponics, then 30 pots can thrive, and cost about Rs 3,000 to set up. All you need is sunlight, water, and oxygen to kickstart your edible garden in the balcony, on the rooftop, windowsills, or even backyard,” Dhakad informs The Better India.

Dhakad’s Success Story of Strawberries

Hydroponics is a method of gowing plants in a soil-free base. The roots are immersed in water and nutrients, instead of soil.

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