Indian electricity rules pertaining to safety

Indian electricity rules pertaining to safety

Rules listed in Indian electricity should be If followed compulsorily the working will be safe for major workers maintenance is carried follow the proper procedure. Permit prescribed format switch is given at least some of which are given such as IE acts follows:

Regarding permit of work:

Nobody shall start working on electrical installation line main sunder authorized to work with a permit issued by a contact authority.

The nature of repair works and the timespan required for this work shall be explained by his permit issuing authority. The authority confirms work and issues written permission to work.

Power of high authority for issuing permits to works hall not permit the issue if the saturation as follows:

Unless the switches, isolators have compulsory isolated from both sides of the section to required earth use to discharge shut offline.

Logbook entity shall be maintained properly be operative on the account shall be made operative until the permitted person turns the keys.

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The authorized person who has underrate the work after setting permit of work before allowing the techniques to commence the work shall take precautions listed below:

Explain the nature of the work sequence of work precautions to be taken for the safety of themselves and the apparatus under repairs/maintenance.

Work persons appointed and the public in the coverage area of work shall be covered about the danger to enter that area. A lot of work and persons instead of a single for facilitating the work on live lines this is for help and safe working and emergency assistance required. Live front critical respiration on alive line person shall be safety he at rubber high. Insulated grove other group people shall stand on the ground provide any help to him in surprise the work.

After competition of work remove earthing devices keep all apparatus in the toolbox. Call of all workers and take the attendances of persons left in that area to return the keys to prepared duty discharged permit to handover to permit using authority.


All the activities shall at once attached to the prepared to higher authorities to take immediate action to send the person for first aid, doctor, hospital, and for treatment.

Call the doctor’s son site if their police authorities shall also be inherited for several so and death of person If any don’t remove the body without permission of the police.

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