Gaming company epic challenges Apple

Gaming company epic challenges Apple

Apple kicked Apple out of the store if it offered a discount to its subscribers

Apple and Google, the world’s largest tech companies, charge up to 30 percent commission on applications running on their App Store. Most of the companies in the world are worried about the commission rate but no one can raise their voice due to the monopoly of these companies. Gaming company Epic has challenged the monopoly of Apple and Google in court. Epic Games is the creator of the worldwide popular game Fortnight. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney was not paying Apple a 30 percent commission on his game and app purchases.


The case is set to be heard in federal court in Auckland, California. Experts say the hearing could last up to three weeks. If Epic wins, it will have a profound effect on the ના 100 billion app market economy. This will pave the way for millions of companies and developers not to pay Apple a 30 percent commission on app sales. However, people say that Apple’s position in this matter is strong.

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Although Epic is a smaller company than Apple, the courts generally sympathize with the defense in antitrust cases because the company has the right to decide whether or not it wants to do business with someone. Apple’s lawyers say the iPhone is the only way to reach consumers and that Apple’s fees are in line with industry standards, but Epic’s lawyers argue that Apple is abusing its monopoly.

Thus began the controversy

Last year he offered his app subscribers on the iPhone a good discount if they made purchases outside of Apple’s payment system. The change led to a drop in revenue from Fortnight, Apple’s most popular game in the world, and within hours Apple showed the game out of the iPhone’s App Store.

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