Elon Musk’s Old Photo From When He Was 17 Proves Tesla CEO Has Always Been ‘Different’

An old photo of a young Elon Musk, taken when he was 17 may be proof he’s always been wacky.

Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars and put a Dogecoin on the moon. While the Tesla CEO and SpaceX boss is something of what people considering ‘a wacky genius,’ Musk has always given off non-conformist vibes. Elon Musk comes up with some of the most bizarre and unbelievable ideas but when these thoughts start thinking shape, it is a leap forward into something people hadn’t previously thought of: Like launching a car into space. Musk also regularly shares strange memes and his weird (2 AM?) thoughts on Twitter, and the Internet has one big joke about how Musk may actually be an alien. Musk himself, hasn’t disapproved of this theory. Yet.


But has Musk always been this strange? The answer is yes. The answer is only yes. A Twitter account called ‘Weird History’ regularly posts weird tidbits from history on the microblogging platform may have the ultimate proof. They recently shared a photo of young Musk, taken when he was 17. “Elon Musk, at 17 years old, visiting his cousin’s farm in Canada wearing “a hat on a hat”. Genius!” they captioned the photo.

Metaphorically, a hat on a hat means ‘an unnecessary addition to something that was previously working without it-like putting a hat on top of another hat. In comedy, this is used when placing two funny things too close to each other so that they distract from each other.’ Elon Musk did it literally.

In early April, Musk had responded to his claims of being an alien being ‘obvious.’ This isn’t the first time that Musk has posted about being an alien. In February this year, he had tweeted “I’m an alien”in response to a Tweet by an Indian entrepreneur and founder of credit payment app CRED, Kunal Shah.


Musk has a roaring fan following among young entrepreneur and everybody wants to understand his working style and thought process. Asking his set of questions, Shah had tweeted, “Elon musk may end up running 4+ 500 billion companies simultaneously at a relatively young age. What I want to really understand: how does he do it? How does he manage context switching? How does he design his Org? So many questions.”

The answer? “I’m an alien.

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