China has been researching coronavirus since 2015

China has been researching coronavirus since 2015

Last year, then-US President Donald Trump publicly called the corona a Chinese virus.

Coronavirus did not come suddenly in 2020, but China has been preparing for this since 2015. The Chinese military was plotting to use the Kovid-19 virus as a biological weapon six years ago. The Weekend Australian has revealed this in its report. The report is based on a research paper from China. It said China had been trying to develop a biological weapon using the SARS virus for six years.

According to the report, Chinese scientists and health officials were discussing different strains related to the corona in 2015 alone. At the time, Chinese scientists said it would be used as a biological weapon in World War III. There was also a discussion on how to change it into an epidemic.

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Every time China is stepping back from the investigation

The report also raises the question of whether China backs down when it comes to testing for the virus. The virus has not spread from any bat market, said Robert Potter, an Australian cybersecurity expert. This theory is completely wrong.

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After an in-depth study of the research paper in China, Robert said that the research paper is absolutely true. We continue to study on Chinese research papers. This reveals what Chinese scientists are thinking.

Why this claim can be strong

This report of the Australian media cannot be denied. Last year, then-US President Donald Trump publicly called the corona a Chinese virus. He said that this has been prepared in the lab of China and because of this the world’s health sector is being destroyed, the economies of many countries have been in great trouble. Trump went so far as to say that US intelligence agencies have enough evidence to prove this and will present it to the world in due course.

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Of course, since then Trump has lost the election and the Biden administration has so far said nothing publicly about China. However, a recent Bloomberg report pointed to the fact that the United States is investigating the matter very quickly and seriously.

The transition is growing rapidly worldwide

Corona cases are growing very fast around the world. Recently, 7.83 lakh new cases came up in the world. 13,022 people lost their lives during this time. Corona is most commonly found in India and Brazil. India and Brazil accounted for 47 percent of all deaths worldwide on Saturday. 4,133 people died in India and 2,091 in Brazil.

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15.83 crore cases so far

Corona has infected more than 1583 million people worldwide so far. Of these, more than 32.96 lakh people have died, while 13.66 crore people have beaten the corona. At present, 1.92 crore people are undergoing treatment. Of these, 1.91 million have coronary heart disease and 1.07 million have a serious condition.

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