Canada decides to give PR directly to 90,000 students and workers in Corona epidemic

Canada decides to give PR directly to 90,000 students and workers in Corona epidemic

  • The IRCC will begin accepting applications under 3 streams on May 6, 2021

Settling in Canada in the Corona era has now become much easier, but for those who have studied in Canada who already live on a work permit in Canada. Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marco E. L. Mendicino said some special announcements have been made for permanent residence for the more than 90,000 workers and international graduates who are actively contributing to Canada’s economy.

Parthesh Thackeray, Authorized Immigration Expert of the Government of Canada, provided information on the new immigration policy. Parthesh Thackeray said the new policy is only for those who are currently in Canada. Those who have completed more than two years of study in Canada are eligible to apply for PR directly.

These special public policies will provide temporary residency (PR) in Canada to temporary workers and international graduates who are already residing in Canada. As well as those who have the skills and experience needed to fight this epidemic and revitalize Canada’s economic situation.

At the heart of this new policy are temporary workers in hospitals and long-term care homes and other essential sectors on the front lines, as well as international graduates who are driving tomorrow’s economy, according to the Canadian minister’s announcement.

Effective May 6, 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will begin accepting applications under the following 3 streams:

  • 20,000 applications for temporary workers in health care
  • 30,000 applications for temporary workers in other selected essential occupations
  • 40,000 applications for international students graduating from a Canadian institution

The stream will remain open until November 5, 2021, or until its limit is reached. About 90,000 new permanent residents will be admitted under these 3 mediums.

To promote Canada’s official languages, 3 additional streams without intake caps for French-speaking or bilingual candidates have also been introduced. The arrival of new French-speaking and bilingual new candidates benefits communities living in Canada and those who know French, as well as boosting the vitality of Francophone minority communities.

As the fight against the epidemic continues, the challenges of immigration will increase, which will exacerbate the labour shortage as well as the workforce to recover our economy.

And so while accelerating the process of permanent residency, these special public policies will encourage essential temporary workers and international graduates to settle in Canada and help retain the most talented workers, especially in the healthcare system.

The announcement will help achieve the 2021 Immigration Level Plan, which will welcome 4,01,000 new permanent residents to Canada. The scheme will help newly arrived skilled and international graduates find employment in Canada and long-term growth.


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