Big company CEO Malamal: Even in the epidemic, a company like Boeing lost 30,000 jobs but paid Rs 158 crore to the CEO. Giving

Big company CEO Malamal: Even in the epidemic, a company like Boeing lost 30,000 jobs but paid Rs 158 crore to the CEO. Giving

Google co-founder Larry Page has raised Rs 1.5 lakh crore in the last four months alone. Earned


The Corona virus put the whole world in an economic crisis. Millions lost their jobs in the United States in 2020, and many companies were on the verge of closing down, but even then, the salaries of CEOs of many companies and the amount they received as additional packages were not affected. Boeing, the aircraft maker, did very poorly last year. The epidemic ended its business and the company laid off 30,000 employees.

The company lost an estimated Rs 90,000 crore. However, the company’s CEO David Calhoun was given Rs 158 crore. Met. Norwegian cruise line survives trouble in 2020 The downturn in the cruise industry cost the company Rs 20,000 crore and laid off 20% of its employees, but paid CEO Frank Dale Rio more than double the salary of 64 3.64 crore (approximately Rs 273 crore). Hilton, where about a quarter of corporate employees are housed. The hotels were empty and the company had to pay Rs. Despite a loss of Rs 5,400 crore, Hilton hired CEO Chris Nosetta in 2020. 419 crore.

According to Bloomberg, 8 of the world’s top 10 richest people made billions of dollars in 2020 by setting up technology companies in the United States. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos also made billions of dollars in the lockdown. They cost about Rs. Owns Rs 15 lakh crore. Google’s Larry Page has made 20 billion (approximately Rs 1.5 lakh crore) in the last four months. The gap between CEO compensation and average employee wages in America has widened significantly over the past decade. This inequality has greatly increased in the Corona period.

CEOs benefit 320 times more than ordinary employees in America

According to the American Economic Policy Institute, CEOs of large companies benefit an average of 320 times more than the average employee. In 1989 the rate was 61: 1. From 1978 to 2019 the pay of specialized workers increased by 14%, while that of CEOs increased by 1167%.


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