Bezos wrote a 50-page letter to Musk protesting NASA’s contract to go to the moon, Musk said – this cannot happen to you

Bezos wrote a 50-page letter to Musk protesting NASA’s contract to go to the moon, Musk said – this cannot happen to you

There is also a battle going on between the two richest businessmen in the world, Jeff Bezos and Alan Musk, to go to the moon. In fact the case cost Rs. The Rs 22,000 crore contract was awarded by the American space agency NASA to Musk’s company SpaceX. The underlying Space X will create a lander. American astronauts will ride to the moon in 2024. Apart from SpaceX, two other companies had also submitted tenders for the project. It also included Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Company.

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However, the contract went to Musk’s company, SpaceX. So Bezos’ company has written a 50-page letter to the US government against NASA’s decision. Bob Smith, chief executive of Blue Origin, says NASA’s decision to award the contract to SpaceX is wrong because “they have overlooked the benefits of our proposal as well as the technical shortcomings of SpaceX.” “You can’t even reach the moon’s axis by sending a letter of protest,” Bezos said sarcastically. Let it be, this is not about your bus. ‘

In fact, NASA wants to build a spacecraft to reach the moon, the first time a woman and a black man will reach the moon. America has not sent any humans to the moon since 1972. “NASA’s preparations for going to the moon in 2024 are in the final stages,” said NASA Administrator Jean Bridenstein. Its name is Mission Artemis. ‘In 2024, a four-member spacecraft named Orion will go into space. Two of the astronauts will board the Space X spacecraft and travel to the moon.

According to the plan, the two passengers will test the lunar surface for a week and return to Orion from the Space X spacecraft. So that they can make a successful landing on Earth. The spacecraft will travel 4.50 lakh km and reach the moon in three weeks.

NASA 2028 wishes a sustainable presence of humans on the moon

Under the Artemis mission, NASA aims to build a system by 2028 that will allow for a sustainable human presence on the moon. I.e. can create residential areas there. To achieve this, Alan Musk’s company, SpaceX, paid Rs. 22,000 crore, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin to Rs. 45 thousand crore was bid.

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