After Britain, Italy, France, Greece are also on the way to unlock

After Britain, Italy, France, Greece are also on the way to unlock

After Britain, Italy, France, Greece are also on the way to unlock, most of the sanctions will be lifted by next week.

Europe, the epicenter or hotspot of the Corona epidemic worldwide, is now moving towards a new normal public life, but with caution. As vaccination has accelerated in these countries, the pace of epidemics has slowed. Many countries are lifting travel restrictions. Of these, Europe has been completely unlocked since most of the population was vaccinated. The government plans to completely unlock Britain from May 17. However the concern has increased due to the new variant.

If we talk about Europe, 20 out of 30 countries are being unlocked. In some countries various activities have been started with conditions. Hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations and international travel in the worst-affected Italy, Spain and France are being opened in phases. Major activities are expected to begin in a week in most countries.

Find out where, unlocked, relief from sanctions in some countries from next week


Restaurants, cinemas, tourist spots opened

Even in Italy it is slowly unlocking. Beaches, tourist spots, restaurants have opened. Some museums and cinema houses have also opened. More bans will be lifted from June 2.


Preparation for complete unlock from 17 May

Gradually began unlocking from 8 March. If vaccination is fast, then quick bans are being lifted. Pubs, bars open. 6 people allowed to live together. Complete unlock possible from 17 May.


The restaurant will also open from May 19

Permission to travel in the country. From May 19, the curfew will be from 9 pm instead of 7 pm. The restaurant will be able to seat customers in the open. Shops and cultural institutions will also be opened.


Restrictions lifted, but with conditions

Most restrictions have been lifted, but conditions apply. Many areas want the curfew to continue. Outside masks are mandatory. There are no restrictions on people coming from Europe. Negative reporting is essential for people coming from risky areas.


No quarantine on arrival from abroad

In the restaurant, customers can sit in the open. Tourist destinations are open, but it is mandatory for foreign tourists to report negatively. If the vaccine has been given, proof must be given. Mandatory

Quarantine was also removed.



Shops, cinemas, museums opened

Hotels, museums, shops, cinemas, parks are open. The restaurant can be set up in the open. It is mandatory for people coming from abroad to have a negative report or get vaccinated. There is no bet on people coming by road.

Sanctions will be lifted in these countries from May 19

Austria: Restaurants, hotels, cinemas and sports establishments will open on May 19. But entry will be given only after showing negative report. International tourists who have been vaccinated will also be able to come.

Denmark: Shops, restaurants open. In order to dine inside the restaurant you have to give information on the application that the report is negative or that the vaccine has been given. From May 19, people from the European Union and the Schengen countries can come without interruption.


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