A 21-ton rocket weighing unbridled in space, may wreak havoc anywhere on earth

A 21-ton rocket weighing unbridled in space, may wreak havoc anywhere on earth

Chinese rocket falling on Earth: China’s log March 5b rocket has gone uncontrolled in space and is coming towards Earth at a speed of 4 miles per second. Experts have warned that this rocket could wreak havoc anywhere in New York, Madrid or Beijing city.

China launching multiple rockets one by one with the intention of reigning in space has become a major threat to the security of the world. A 21-tonne giant rocket from China has gone uncontrolled into space and is now moving towards the Earth. It is being told that where this heavy rocket of China will fall, it is not yet known exactly. Experts have warned that if a Chinese rocket hits a populated area on Earth, massive catastrophe may occur. It is feared that the debris of this rocket may fall anywhere in cities like New York, Madrid and Beijing. Let’s know the whole issue…


New York, Madrid, Beijing may cause havoc

China launched its launch March 5B rocket on Thursday and experts have feared that it may fall anywhere on Earth in the coming days. Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who monitors the Earth’s object, told Space News that the satellite is currently being diverted from New York, Madrid, Beijing to the north and south to Chile and New Zealand. He said that this Chinese rocket could hit anywhere in the region. It can fall in the sea or in a populated area. However, he also said that a large part of this Chinese rocket will be burnt to ashes when it comes close to the earth. The satellite tracker has detected that a 100-foot-long Chinese rocket is moving towards Earth at a speed of 4 miles per second. On Thursday, China sent the first part of its space station to be built with the help of this rocket. This module is named Tianhe.


Learn why Chinese rocket became uncontrolled in space

According to experts, this object weighing 21 tons is the main stage of the Chinese launch March 5B rocket. He said that after its launch on Thursday, this rocket started hitting the earth instead of falling at a predetermined location in the sea. It is being told that it will fall on the earth in the next few days. This main part of the rocket is 100 feet long and 16 feet wide. Experts say that this huge part of the Chinese rocket will burn in the earth’s atmosphere but its debris can fall anywhere on the earth. This is not the first time that China’s rocket has been uncontrolled in space. Earlier in May 2020, the main part of the Launch March 5B rocket became uncontrolled and its debris fell over the Atlantic Ocean. NASA described the Chinese rocket accident as truly dangerous. The rocket passed over the Los Angeles and New York cities of the United States before it fell.


China trying to build its own space station in space

Earlier, China on Thursday launched its own space station’s first core capsule module to compete with the US in space. In the coming days, the rest of the space station will also be brought into space through several similar launches. China plans to launch its first indigenous space station from the end of this year. So far, only Russia and the United States have done so. However, only the International Space Station of the US space agency NASA is currently active. Bai Linhou, deputy chief designer of space at the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), said the Tianhe module will serve as the management and control center of the space station Tiangong and has the facility to erect three spacecraft simultaneously. China has named its space station as Tiangong. In Chinese, it means the palace of paradise.

Chinese space station to be shaped like ‘T’, will work for 15 years

This multimodal space station will consist mainly of three parts, consisting of a space capsule and two labs. The total weight of all these will be around 90 MT. The space station’s core capsule is named Tianhe, which means the harmony of heaven. Chinese space scientists have claimed that this space station will start functioning by the end of this year. Its life span is estimated at 15 years. The length of the Chinese core capsule is 4.2 m and the diadem is 16.6 m. The entire space station will be operated from this place. Astronauts will be able to control the entire space station while staying at this place. This capsule will have three parts of the connecting section, one with a life-support, the other a control section and a third resource section. The space center of China will be shaped like the English character T, with the main module in the middle, while the labs will be used as labs on either side. The weight of each module will be 20 tons and when the astronauts, carrying astronauts and luggage, arrive at the space station, it can reach 100 tons. This space station is being set up at an altitude of 340 to 450 kilometers in the lower orbit of the Earth.

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